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For we spend the necessary time to analyse meticulously the project before starting to work by thorough study of the actual operating weaknesses of the system in place , both on the comfort and energy consumption levels, only then we can guarantee a drastic improvement from the actual conditions (and thus put on contract a guarantee of high savings with actual figures of the minimum amount of dollars you are going to save in the next years).

Being recognized by «word of mouth» as a true ENERGY SAVINGS SPECIALIST with a proven track record on the field of installation of H.V.A.C. systems, our long dedicated experience to a definite commitment to total quality and tailor-made calibration of residential heating and A/C systems, with documented study of previous energy consumption, enables us to achieve for the heating systems we work on outstandings energy savings that we can guarantee on contract before implementing the recommended changes and /or adjustments-improvements.


Our services

Repairs and repairs estimates

We can – the choice is yours – at the time of a service call either repair on the spot or give you an estimate of the cost of repairs.

Diagnosis of problems

YOUR PREVIOUS INSTALLER IS NOT HELPING YOU ANYMORE AND/OR CANNOT SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF YOUR SYSTEM (e.g. too much energy consumption in proportion with the size of your house, unequal temperatures in some room(s) of you property, not achieving the comfort level in a reasonable period of time, too much or not enough humidity at certain periods of the year, etc.) : – we regularly solve problems where other companies have failed.

Drastic improvment of ventilation

This is a very particular specialty for what regards existing homes because we cannot de-construct the ventilation duct network which is hiden behind walls & ceilings : the problem(s) must be solved with drastic improvement s in the mechanical room. A very high level of expertise and experience are required to do so and , this is OUR SPECIALTY !

Installation and de-installation

We install and de-install all kinds of heating and/or cooling and ventilation systems, for we also are experts in that field which enables us to give you service from A to Z. For instance, you won’t have to call another contractor to pump the oil and take out the oil tank in an oil- to- electricity conversion.

Consulting for recommandation

You don’t really know what kind of A/C or Heating system would be ideal for your home in regard with savings & comfort of use ? During an evaluation visit, we will give you the pros & cons on each of the available systems, and will guide you – in accordance with your priorities (budget, high $avings, comfort, maintenance aspect, etc.) — to the best ratio quality vs price.

Conversion to electricity

The conversion from oil or gas to electricity is a specialty that requires various expertises and skills from the installer: he is in charge and coordinating a team that masters to a high standard of excellence :

  • Meticulous de-installation;
  • Electricity;
  • Plumbing;
  • Ventilation;
  • Dual-Energy;
  • Air conditioning.

We service you well thanks to that multi-disciplinary competence that only can guarantee you to achieve your “high energy savings” target.

Planning for control & regulation devices

We can recommend and install controls that really suit your needs: CALL US TO TALK ABOUT IT AND BOOK FOR A VISIT TO CONFIRM YOUR CHOICE.

Heating plan

When building a new property , renovating or extending an existing property, it is important to have a sketched-design of the enhanced or new system in order to coordinate the performing of it in the best possible conditions. We provide that service – not only for architects or engineers – but also for the self-builder that needs guidance and counseling by professionals to avoid costly errors, and that also needs to save on the costly counsel –fees by experts in the field. Our service is affordable and counsel-fees are credited to you if you proceed with us for the installation of the extension to the system and/or the new system.

Selling and promotional sales on H.V.A.C (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems

For heating we supply and install :

  • Electrical heating;
  • Gas heating (natural gas and propane);
  • Oil heating;
  • Central forced-air heating;
  • Central hydronic (or hot water) heating;
  • Electrical baseboards ;
  • Convectors;
  • Heated floors with all of approved energy generators (gas, oil and

For Air Conditioning we sell and we install :

  • Central heatpumps and air conditioners;
  • Mini-split heatpumps and air conditioners;
  • Water-cooled heatpumps and air conditioners;
  • Geo-thermal heatpumps and air conditioners.

Humidification, dehumidification - air exchangers and professional quality filters

We supply and install :

  • Central humidifiers :
    • Drum type;
    • Water curtain type;
    • Steam humidifiers.
  • Central dehumidifiers and air exchangers :
    • DRY-O-TRON and dehumidifiers;
    • Commercial air exchangers;
    • “ HIGH EFFICIENCY” air exchangers;
    • Residential air exchangers.
  • F I L T E R – E X P R E S S : CALL US FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY AND REPLACEMENT ON THE SPOT OF USED FILTERS. All types and sizes of residential and commercial filters.

Air/ventilation ducts cleaning & desinfection

Powerful “HOSPITAL TYPE”  cleaning  (= “high extraction”);

Commercial heating systems

Service (repair), maintenance and preventive maintenance (cleaning), and installation of gas, electrical and dual-energy systems.

Commercial cooling & air conditioning

Service (repairs), maintenance and preventive maintenance (cleaning) of systems and ventilation ducts as well as new and replacement installations.


In 2001, a forced air heating and cooling system was installed by Mr Bedard, the owner of Chauffage Climatisation Confort Montréal, on our newly built house. Twelve years later ( from November 2012 to April 2013) during an average winter within those years, we spent for heating, cooling, lighting and other domestic needs in our cottage of more than 2,500 square feet for 358 days (almost a year) a total of $1,500.o5. Since other electrical needs that are not the heating are relatively stable month after month, we can easily figure out from the report of consumption on our Hydro bill of 2360 kilowatts for the period of May 15, 2012 to July 20, 2012 (67 days), that :

a) our average daily consumption is $184.47 divided by 67 days = $2.75 per day or $2.75 x 365 days = $1,003.75 for the whole year ($83.65 average per month)
b) Since the report of consumption – showing as a recap at the bottom of the Hydro bill – states $1,500.o5 for 358 days, the global (including the heating) average daily consumption is $1,500.o5 divided by 358 days = $4.19 per day which translates to: . $4.19 x 365 days = $1,529.35 for the full year.
c) Therefore, since the total showing in a) – that is $1,003.75 – is the total electricity consumption excluding the heating and the total showing at the end of b) – that is $1,529.35 – is the global electrical cost for the same full year, then the heating cost is the difference between these two figures, that is : $1,529.35 – $1,003.75 = $525.60 for the whole year, which is very economical, in other words an average of $87.60 per month to heat up the house during the six (6) months of heating (November-December-January-February-March-half April and half October).

And that is the reason why we highly recommend Mr Bedard and Chauffage Climatisation Confort Montréal to everyone interested in achieving outstanding savings from their actual situation.

Mrs Josée Lauzon & Mr Daniel Houle

I wanted installed a high efficiency heatpump to lower to a minimum the cost of heating at home. I dealt – being referred to them by friends – with Chauffage Climatisation Confort Montréal, because they took the time to study the project and implement it the right way. Ventilation was improved with a stronger blower furnace and ventilation ducts subtle enhancement that made all the difference. It was a meticulous work and a good challenge and I must say the end result on energy consumption is impressive and worthed the investment.

I strongly recommend Chauffage Climatisation Confort Montréal to anyone that wants high quality – not rushed work – and high return on investment with impressive savings.

Mr Thomas KHROL , St-Lazare

I hired Chauffage Climatisation Confort Montréal twice to install each time two electrical boilers and de-install oil tanks and cast-iron boilers. I was very satisfied with both de-installation and installation the first time and that’s why I hired them a second time and I would hire them again, should I have another installation project and/or electrical conversion”. The quality of the work was way above average and the price was reasonable and therefore a deal for the quality of work I got.

Mr Walter MONTREUIL , Snowdon/Côte St-Luc (Mtl)

Figures showing on Mrs Kornblit HYDRO QUEBEC bill for the period from May 22, 2013 to May 21, 2014 (365 days) of $3,762.90 for all needs including heating in the coldest winter of the last decade speak for themselves when compared to the previous milder winter where $10,545.38 were spent for the heating only (oil consumption acknowledged by the supplier for the full year of 2012 which is not including the cost of domestic electricity). Because the $3,762.90 previously mentioned is for 2 out of three floors of the duplex (usually accounting for 60% of the total cost when those two floors are main floor & basement, which is the case here) with two separate boiler-furnaces (one per dwelling) since a new heating system was installed then the savings should be calculated as follows :

The consumption of $3,762.90 should be compared to 60% of $10,545.38 which is $6,327.22 (60% of the $10,545.38 spent in oil in 2012 for the duplex). But we know that $3,762.90 includes all electricity which is : a/ electricity required for heating : in other words, the heating cost for the main dwelling (main floor and basement) and the cost of domestic electricity, which is lighting, electrical appliances, etc. So we need to separate the heating cost from the cost of electricity in order to compare apples with apples. This is done by averaging the cost of domestic electricity during the period of the year that we know the heating system is off. The two consecutive periods mentioned at the bottom of the Hydro bill :

    1. From May 22, 2013 to July 17, 2013 (57 days);
    2. From July 18, 2013 to September 16, 2013 (61 days) are the ones we know the heating system is off : the cost has been $95.05 for 1. And $116.39 for 2 for a total of $211.44 for 118 days in other words an average of $1.79 per day or $1.79 x 365 = $653.35 for the whole year.

The total cost for the main dwelling being $3,762.90 for 365 days, the heating cost therefore is that $3,762.90 – $653.35 = $3,109.55 for the full year compared to $6,327.22 for that same main dwelling the previous year.

The savings are significant (even though the 2nd winter was much colder): $6,327.22 – 3,109.66 = 3,217.67.

Mrs Kornblit

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